Corona Alert: This virus has been making its prey to humans since 25 thousand years ago, revealed in the study


Coronavirus, which is discussed these days. This virus is making people their victims, and even killing many people. In such a situation, everyone is upset, people are scared and their fear is also natural. At the same time, due to the lack of beds and oxygen in hospitals, people are also very upset. Everyone is praying that this difficult time passes as soon as possible. But do you know that this coronavirus is not on earth today? This virus has been bothering humans since about 25 thousand years ago, but such a study is not saying this, but us. So let's know about this.

Actually, this study has been done by Assistant Professor David Enyard of the University of Arizona and his study was published in bioRxiv. However, it has not yet been peer-reviewed and is being reviewed for its publication in Science Journal. Professor David said that it has been a virus that has sickened and killed people all the time.

David explained that, like humans, viruses have been advancing generations through their new genomes. Not only viruses, but this process also happens with all types of pathogens. This means that all kinds of germs constantly change in their generations so that they too can survive in nature.

Professor David said that his team examined the genomes of 2504 people from 26 different human populations around the world to find the ancient coronavirus. What came out in this investigation was very shocking. It was found that pathogens such as the coronavirus have progressed from generation to generation by making a natural selection in the DNA of humans.

When investigated, scientists discovered that the coronavirus interacts with 420 types of proteins in the human body, of which 332 proteins directly interact with the corona itself. At the same time, he believes that this study will help in what kind of viruses can come in the future and what kind of people they will infect.

At the same time, such people have been found in the people of the human population of East Asia, who were exposed to the ancient coronavirus. Not only this, the proof of this still exists in his body. There are many such coronaviruses around the world, which have been passed out generation after generation and made people sick.

The mutations in it strengthened the immunity of the people of East Asia. This is because they are more vulnerable to corona and their body has become antibodies to fight against the coronavirus.

Professor David's team observed that the body of a human coming into contact with the coronavirus contains 42 codes of 420 proteins and these codes continued to mutate and evolve themselves from 25 thousand years ago to five thousand years ago. This means that you can say that coronavirus has been catching people for a long.

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