Contraceptive pills will soon come for men as well, this is how you will work


The production of sperms in the body of men is continuous. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the use of male contraceptives in men can prevent unplanned pregnancy.

Till now you must have heard about medicines for men, penis enlargement, premature ejaculation, impotence, but now soon birth control pills for men are coming in the market. According to myUpchar, many scientists around the world are working towards making contraceptive medicine for men. In this, graduate student Jillian Keizer of the University of Minnesota is working exclusively. However, he claims that this drug will not work on about 20 percent of men.

Successful use of hormone injection

Hormone injection can be used as an effective contraceptive in men. American researchers used this hormone injection on 270 men in their research, of which only four men's wives conceived during this time. Therefore, hormone injection is considered 96 percent successful. At the same time, some side effects of this experiment have also been revealed. Some people have received complaints of stains on the face, while some have also complained of needless mood.

This challenge is still in front of scientists

According to myUpchar, scientists are now trying to reduce sperm production in men without any side effects. Significantly, the production of sperm in the body of men is continuous. If scientists want to make a successful male contraceptive, then they will need a lot of hormones in the male body, only then the sperm count can be brought down from 150 million per ml to 10 lakh per ml. Reports related to this experiment have been published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism.

Scientists doing new experiments after having side effects

According to the World Health Organization, several studies have shown that unplanned pregnancy can be prevented by using hormone contraception in men. After some side effects, according to Doctor Festin, researchers are considering using the same hormones in different amounts to trying new experiments. This is an important step towards finding the right amount of use for male contraception.

Commercial production has not started yet

Professor Andreoli of the University of Sheffield, Alan Pacey, has said that commercial production of male contraceptives has not been started yet due to several reasons. Talking about other experiments going on around the world, in them too, side effects have been observed in men, such as weight gain, cholesterol level is much lower than the prescribed level. Despite all this, it is true that very soon such medicine is finally coming into the market, which will prevent the 'mistake' from men. It has also been revealed in a survey that most of the men are eagerly waiting for this kind of medicine. According to the report of the British paper, 52 percent of the men said that they would like to take a daily contraceptive pill. (For more information read our article, ranging from increasing stamina, the benefits of milk and honey to bones, skin, good sleep, and respiratory problems.) (Health-related articles on Newscrab are written by Verified health news For myUpchar is the first and largest source in the country. In myUpchar, researchers and journalists, along with doctors, bring all the health information for you.)

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