Consumption of these fruits will provide relief in constipation, will not have to take medicines


The problem of constipation persists in most people. The effect of changing lifestyle is that there is a stomach problem. If someone is constipated, then he is troubled for a long time because he does not mind any work. Many people do a variety of remedies to eradicate constipation, but over time their stomach starts to get worse. In such a situation, you can treat constipation problems by consuming fruits. From the next slides, know what kind of fruits should be consumed in constipation problem.


In homes, you must have often heard from the mouths of elders that eating bananas keeps the stomach right. The elderly recommend eating bananas even when they are constipated, the reason behind this is that a good amount of fiber is found in bananas, which removes the stomach upsets. You should eat two to three bananas a day. It does not cause any harm.


Papaya helps the digestive system to run smoothly. Papaya is a fibrous fruit that cleans the intestines well. If something gets stuck in the intestines, constipation also happens, so by consuming papaya, the intestine starts functioning properly. However, excessive consumption of papaya in the problem of diarrhea can increase your problem even further.


Pear is a seasonal fruit, which many people like, but very few people know that pear is a very good fruit for the stomach. Pear contains an element called pectin, which keeps the stomach clean and also helps in bowel movement correctly, but if you do not have pear suits then do not forget to consume them.


Like pears, pectin is found in good quantity in the berry, so if the stomach is bad, you can consume the berry without thinking. The berry also tastes good. If children become constipated, instead of feeding them medicine, you should feed them berries. If they eat comfortably, their stomach problems will also go away without being disturbed.