Constipation Home Remedies: These home remedies are very beneficial in removing the problem of constipation.


Constipation is a problem that people do not like to talk about openly, but it has become one of the most common diseases nowadays. Lack of fiber in food, poor lifestyle, working long hours and too much spicy, junk food are the main reasons for this. So if you also take a lot of time to get fresh in the morning as well as there is pain and discomfort on the anus, then definitely try these home remedies once and if the problem has increased, then contact the doctor immediately.

1. If you have a persistent constipation problem then figs are beneficial for you. For this, regularly eat two to three figs with honey. This will get rid of constipation and gas and also strengthens the digestive system.

2. Vitamin A and Vitamin C are abundant in cumin water. Drinking this on an empty stomach in the morning increases your ability to fight diseases.

3. Constipation can be overcome by consuming bitter gourd juice. People who have constipation problems should consume bitter gourd juice regularly.

4. The enzyme papain present in papaya keeps the digestive system right. Papaya is beneficial in the complaint of constipation and piles. It is very beneficial in the stomach, eye, heart disease, jaundice, ulcer disease.

5. Many problems occurring in the stomach like gas formation, constipation, not cleaning the stomach properly, acidity, diarrhea, etc. are cured by taking flaxseed powder daily.

6. If your stomach is often upset or there is a complaint of constipation, then eating raw onion can be beneficial for you. It can remove the problem of constipation. It also clears the stomach. Onion is rich in fiber.

7. If you have piles, then you start consuming dates, cardamom, raisins, bananas, etc. Will get benefit very soon.

8. Due to constipation, the natural glow of the face is lost somewhere and the circle of laziness remains throughout the day. So if the symptoms of constipation appear then take soft and simple food, but do not forget to take soaked raisins which is a great dry fruit.