Consider these things before planning your first child, you will not have to worry in future


If the child is going to plan after marriage, then instead of showing haste, consider some things once so that in future you will happily prepare for the future by playing happily and laughing. Many times, the family starts putting pressure on the marriage as soon as they get married, but instead of paying attention to someone else, it is very important that you and your partner must consider a few points together so that later on you will be fighting, irritated rather than happy future. Make preparations. Learn from the next slides after considering what you should plan for the child first.

economic stability

The expenses will also increase when a new guest arrives in the house, so it is very important that you discuss your financial situation once. If you are so financially capable that a human being can afford it, then you can definitely think about bringing the child into the world first, but if it is not so, then you have to take some time and make yourself financially stable. Only then will a decision have to be taken.


If you are moving towards promotion in a job, then you have to think about it because at this time you will not be able to take a break and if you take a break, then maybe read its effects on your future, so once your work plans and your future. Decide and if you are fully prepared then prepare to welcome the little guest.

physical ability

If you are going to bring your baby into the world for the first time, then pay attention to your physical ability. See if you are ready or not. If you are underweight or overweight, then you have a problem, so consult a doctor in this matter. Do not take any such decision only under the pressure of your will or householders. Focus on your own health first, then take any further steps.

The time period of marriage

While planning the first baby, also pay attention to how many years after marriage you are planning to show the child to the world. Don't show too much haste after marriage. Working at your discretion, first spend some time with each other, mentally and emotionally prepare a monk and then welcome the baby.