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Although women have been given the status of goddess in India, but in the country, the same women are being subjected to disgusting incidents like rape. But have you ever thought how this tradition would have come, who would have brought it. Numerous battles were fought and won in almost all the Hindu scriptures of ancient India like the Ramayana, Mahabharata, etc. But the victorious army never tried any evil look or rape.

Now let's talk about medieval India from where the Islamic invasion started and this is where the rape started in India. In 711 AD, Muhammad bin Qasim attacked King Dahir and defeated his two daughters as sexual slaves and sent the gift to the Khalifa.

Then perhaps the women of India were first confronted with rape-like misdeeds in which the daughters of the defeated king and ordinary Indian women were badly raped and kidnapped by the victorious invader army. After breaking, his army raped thousands of women. This is where the trend of rape started in India.