Click here to know what it means if tears come out while reciting the worship of God in the temple!


We all go to the temple to worship God or worship God at home. Worshiping God gives us a kind of peace and even if our mind is depressed or we are upset or depressed by something, our mind becomes calm too. Many times tears start coming from our eyes while worshiping God.

If tears come out of the eyes while reciting the worship of God, it means that the divine power of God is giving any indication. If you understand them then your problems can go away.

Apart from this, when you meditate on God, tears come out of your eyes at that time, then it means that you have got a connection with God and the worship done by you has also been successful.

Just as we eat food when we are hungry, our stomach gets filled, in the same way, when tears come from the eyes while worshiping God, then you should understand that the worship you were doing has been successful and reached God.