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All of you will be familiar with Ravana. Despite being so learned, he is still despised for one of his acts. Ravana had 2 wives. But his third wife is also mentioned at many places. Ravana's first wife was named Mandodari, who was the daughter of the demon king Mayasura. The second was named Dhanyamalini and the name of the third is unknown.

Ravana also kept a lustful eye on his wife's elder sister Maya. Ravana attempted to break the modesty of Vishnu devotee Tapaswini Vedavati. After this, he had abandoned his body and cursed Ravana that you will die due to a woman. It is believed that the same girl was born as Sita.

Ravana and Rambha

According to Valmiki Ramayana, when Ravana reached the heaven world to conquer the world, he saw Ramsha named Apsara there. He catches Rambha in lust. Then Apsara Rambha told Ravana not to touch me like this because I am reserved for Nalkuber, son of your elder brother Kubera. Therefore I am like your daughter-in-law. But Ravana did not listen to him and mistreated Rambha. When Nalukuber came to know about this, he cursed Ravana that from now onwards Ravana will not be able to touch her without the will of any woman and if she does, her head will be divided into hundred pieces.