Click here to know about Mukesh Ambani's 'icy room' in Antilia!


Mukesh Ambani's house is very popular all over the world. His 27-floor skyscraper is valued at US $ 2 billion and is the second most valuable asset in the world. The first place is Buckingham Palace.

Ambani's house has an ice cream parlor, three helipads, a garage for about 170 vehicles, and a staff of 600 employees. A swimming pool, gym, saloon, gym, and theater are also present in Antilia. Apart from this, Antilia also has a snow room which is unique in itself. Even in the heat of Mumbai, it can give you a feeling of cold.

According to the information, the Ambani family lives in the top 6 floors. Antilia can withstand up to eight reactor scale intensity earthquakes.

Rich people usually install air-conditioners in their homes to beat the heat, but Mukesh Ambani has figured out another way for this. Antilia has a special snow room. The Rock Room has a Rocky (icy mountain-like) design.

Its rooms remain completely sealed, where the temperature can reach below zero. The snow room consists of a cooling plant, pump, fan, snow generating device, trimming and thermal protection, and automatic machinery system.