Children born in autumn have asthma, allergies, and more skin problems


A recent study showed that children who are born during the autumn are more prone to asthma, food allergies, and skin problems. According to the study, Britain is the most allergic-affected country in the world. Where one in twenty people had an allergic problem.

Dr. Jessica Hui, doing research at a hospital in Denver, says that among the children we treated in our clinic, we saw that those born in the autumn were more likely to have allergic problems.

She further explains that we are finding out why this is happening and we believe that it is caused by bacteria on the skin.

Scientists doing research on most allergies believe that the skin becomes dry or flaky in childhood. Then the allergy chain starts forming from there. What we call the atopic march.

At the same time, one in five children in the UK is affected by Khujasi. Due to which the skin becomes dry, dry, and flaky and also becomes red at the place.

It has been found that children who suffer from itching have harmful bacteria on the skin of children called staph aerials, which reduces the skin's ability to keep out allergens and disease-causing viruses.

Dr. Jessica says that if we start our treatment right after the baby is out of the womb, that is, the development of atopic march is stopped early, which can be one way to protect children from allergies.