Chikankari kurta is the first choice of Bollywood actresses, it comes in look with Aishwarya to Kareena


Bollywood actresses are mostly seen in glamorous looks, but when it comes to comfort with style, they like to wear traditional clothes. In this, he likes the most chikankari kurtas, which are simple yet give a pretty look.

In the summer season, everyone likes to wear clothes that help to keep the body cool along with comfort. Girls have a lot of options in this, including salwar-suits. Beetown's beauties are also often seen in kurtas to beat the heat. These include the most chikankari work kurtas, which despite being simple, look quite beautiful. This is the reason why everyone from Aishwarya Rai to Kareena Kapoor is seen in this work kurta.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan loves cotton kurtas. In particular, they are heavily spotted in white suits. Many of these are chikankari work, with Ash preferring simple shoes and a no jewelry look.

Aishwarya likes chikankari kurta

Kareena Kapoor has chikankari kurtas, but the chikankari work white kurta and matching plazo that she wore on Holi, every girl would like to include it in her wardrobe.

Kareena's Chikankari Work Suit

Chikankari suits are perfect for summer, as they are made mostly on cotton, muslin, and linen. All these fabrics are considered good choices in terms of summer.

Deepika and Sonam

Earlier in this work, straight cut kurtas used to come, but now it is seen from Anarkali to ankle length kurtas. At the same time, most of the sequencing work is done to add the bling element.

Kriti Sanon

Actresses in such kurtas mostly prefer loose fittings. The special thing is that these kurtas of chikankari work give a very good look even when loose.

Jahnavi Kapoor

These kurtas also have a wide variety of colors and shades, so you can choose your favorite color and carry it with plazas, leggings, churidars or jeans.