Chaitra Navratri 2021: know the history of Shaktipeeth of Goddess located in Bangladesh, where Prime Minister Modi also did special worship


Yashoreswari Kali Temple is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas of the Mother. It is located in Bangladesh. Every year thousands of devotees from India come to see the mother. It is one of the famous temples of Bangladesh. Last month when our Prime Minister went on a two-day visit to Bangladesh. At that time, he had arrived here to visit Mata. Today we will learn about the history of this Yashoreswari Kali temple.

According to Hindu mythological texts, Daksha Prajapati organized a very large Mahayagya. His daughter Sati also wanted to join this Mahayagya. Earlier, Mother Sati married Lord Shiva without the permission of her father Prajapati Daksha. Due to this Prajapati Daksha was angry with him. Mother Sati and Lord Shiva were not invited to perform this Yagya. Despite this, Mother Sati stubbornly insisted on Lord Shiva and Prajapati reached this yajna of Daksha.

There Prajapati Daksha insulted Mother Sati. Mother was hurt so much by this insult that she consumed herself in a burning fire pit. As soon as Lord Shiva came to know about this, he started mourning with the body of his mother. Seeing this, Lord Vishnu cut the body of Mother Sati from his Sudarshan Chakra. After this, many parts of Mother Sati came down to different parts of India. Wherever these parts fell, there was a Shakti Peetha built there.

At the same time, it is said about the Yashoreswari Kali temple that the palm of the left hand of the mother had fallen here. It is believed that the temple of Yashoreswari Kali Mata in Bangladesh is more than 400 years old. It is also said that in its early days this temple was quite grand. Later the Mughals disbanded it. After many years, Laxman Sen and Pradeep Aditya gave it a new outline again.

Recently, India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi went on a two-day visit to Bangladesh last month. During this, he also went to the Yashoreswari temple to see Mata. In the video, you can see that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is praying for the mother with folded hands.