Chaitra Navratri 2020: Why rock salt is used in the fast?


Chaitra Navratri has started on 25 March. Navaratri is a festival dedicated to Maa Durga, which has special significance in Hinduism. During this festival, special prayers are offered to the mother queen for the entire nine days. Not only this, but people also do a full nine-day fast to please the mother. But during this fast, you must have noticed that people use rock salt in their food. Seeing this, the same thing comes in everyone's mind that what is so special in this salt, due to which it is also used in fasting. Today we will tell you the specific reason behind this ...

During the fast, ordinary salt used in homes is not consumed. At the same time, rock salt is known for its cooling properties. With this, blood pressure is controlled along with the light of the eyes. Rock salt contains many other minerals including iron, zinc, magnesium.

Common salt used in homes is known as C-salt. This salt is obtained from the sea and it does not know how many chemical processes have to go through its true form. In such a situation, rock salt is considered the purest.