Causes of Belly Fat: Too much exercise and diet are not reducing the belly? So know 4 reasons to increase belly fat


Obesity feels bad in every situation and at all ages. Some people are so upset with their obesity that they do the gym for hours and keep control of their diet, even then they do not have obesity control. Some people are not fat, but their fat is more fat. The fat present on the tummy is called abdominal. The fat increases around the stomach of a person suffering from this problem, due to which the size of the stomach increases.

Obesity is harmful to health. Obesity can lead to diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, and thyroid. Therefore, it is important to control it in time. You want your stomach fat to end. If fat is not decreasing even after doing all the work, then know the reason for it, so that it is easier to control your belly.

Cause of high-calorie tummy fat

The biggest reason for increasing fat on the tummy is the intake of high calories. Taking more calories increases weight and increases the chances of increasing tummy. You know that with aging, the body's ability to burn fat decreases, due to which fat begins to accumulate on the tummy. To get rid of tummy fat, it is most important that you control calorie intake.

Change in hormone also increases fat

Hormones are also the biggest cause of fat increase on the tummy. Due to the change in hormones, the fat starts increasing on the tummy of the man and the woman. After menopause in women, the amount of estrogen in their body decreases, then their stomach starts growing. The level of hormones in our body causes belly problems. Leptin hormone is found in the body, which gives the message of filling the stomach after eating food. If your body is deficient in leptin then it is possible that you will feel full late and you will eat more food. Belly fat also increases due to overeating.

Genetic happens to be tummy on fat

Obesity of some people is genetic. He has a family history, due to which fat is stored on his belly. If your family or grandparents have a problem with belly fat in your family, then you may also have it.


Stress has become an important part of our life due to which the level of cortisol hormone in the body increases, and fat starts accumulating around the stomach. Apart from this, the problem of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia also leads to the increase of belly fat in humans.