By walking on it's 'feet', this building reached from one place to another, you will be shocked afterwatching the video


If we tell you that one building moved on its own and shifted to another. Maybe you won't believe it. But let us tell you that the engineers of China have done such a great job. A few days ago, a 5-story building in Shanghai was shifted from one place to another with the help of its 'legs'. The building weighs 7,600 tonnes, with a school running recently. Chinese technicians put the first 198 robotic feet under the building to shift this building. After this, it operated 61.7 meters (202.4 ft) in a total of 18 days with the help of robotic legs. The building is now safe and the local administration is working to preserve it.

The engineers also had the option of demolishing this building instead, but they decided to shift this 85-year-old building. Let us tell you that this building was constructed in 1935, in which a school was opened in 2018. The name of this school is Lagena Primary School. Where this building stood, a new commercial project is being built, due to this building, there was less space for it. In such a situation, it was decided to move it.

Explain that there are many ways to shift the building from one place to another, but for the first time, China has taken the help of robotic legs in this work.