By removing dead cells, the skin glows like gold, mustard paste, make and apply it like this


If you want to get the glow of gold without using chemical products, then mustard seeds are the best for it. Even though they may look very small, but its effect remains soon and for a long time. In earlier times, women used ubtan prepared from mustard to enhance complexion and remove dead skin, it is still used in many places today. So there are many benefits of applying it, so try it and then see its effect. How to make this ubtan as well as how to apply, will know in detail about everything.

How to make Ubtan

To make a mustard paste, take half a cup of yellow mustard seeds and grind it coarsely in a cobweb or a mixer. To make a paste of this powder, a little mustard oil or water can be mixed in it and along with it a small amount of curd also. Now apply it to your face, hands, and feet and massage it with light hands. After some time the color of the yellow rubbish will start turning black which can be seen clearly. Along with improving the complexion, it also cleans the dirt and dirt accumulated on the skin. So use it once or twice a week.

Another way is to apply it to the face, hands and feet and leave it for some time. After drying lightly, take a few drops of water in your hands and rub them on the face and wherever the paste is applied. Like you do normal scrubbing. Then wash with water and if possible take a bath.

After using this paste, you will see that the skin looks very soft and shiny. This ubtan is specially applied to get rid of the colors in Holi.