By adopting these tips in winter, makeup will not deteriorate, the skin will look perfect


What we don't do in winter for glowing and healthy skin, but still there is no significant difference. Learn such makeup tips here, which ...

Makeup enhances the beauty of every woman and this gives a different glow to the face. But we have to face many troubles while doing makeup in Winters. Winters have dry skin and make-up does not last long. We use different tricks to make makeup flowless, but there is no significant difference. Before applying makeup on the face, you should wash and apply moisturizer, which keeps the skin healthy. Here we will tell you some such makeup tricks which will help you a lot in winters.

Wash and apply moisturizer

To make the face healthy and glowing, you should face wash daily. Apart from this, to remove dead skin cells, you should apply a face mask, not only that, but it also removes blackheads of the skin. Now to keep the skin soft, you should apply moisturizer daily. Keep in mind that you only apply makeup after moisturizer.

Make eye makeup

You should apply makeup in the winters before applying base on the face. Applying eye makeup first will not necessarily cause eyeshadow to spread on your face. Because when you apply the base on the face, the heavy base starts appearing on the eyes as well. You should first apply eyeshadow carefully, it will not make your eye makeup heavy.

Gel pencil liner

Often when you try to apply the perfect eyeliner, the brushed liner spoils the eye look. Applying simple kajal or liner makes your eyes look smaller or bigger and the liner does not appear in equal shape. Gel eyeliners are very much traded nowadays because even when applying it, the hands do not tremble and you can apply a perfect liner.

Choose the right eyeshadow

If your skin tone is dark, then you should choose warm eyeshadow and if you have a light skin tone, you should choose light eyeshadow. This eyeshadow trick is never going to be outdated and it will give you a gorgeous look in winters. Keep in mind that you should never forget to highlight eyebrows, as they always reflect your face expression. After using pencil on eyebrows, you must comb it.

Use curler

Applying black mascara on the eyes makes your eyes look heavy. If you like everyday make-up, do not necessarily apply mascara. You should use a curler to make eyes look beautiful, because of this natural eyelids look nice and big. If you want to make your daily look perfect, then you can use curler instead of mascara.

Select base

Whenever you choose the foundation, there is confuse in colour. If you choose a slightly warm colour foundation from your skin tone, then it will work to bring a glow to your face. To improve skin tone, you should apply compact powder and blend the base properly. To make the makeup base perfect, instead of applying a hand to the face, you should blend it with the right makeup brush.

Creamy lipstick is the best

Whenever you apply lipstick, definitely apply lip liner. But have you ever applied natural lip colour lipstick? For a good look in winters, you should apply your natural lip colour lip liner and then apply a creamy lipstick. The biggest advantage of applying creamy lipstick is that then you do not need a lip balm.

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