Buy sanitizer by being very cautious, putting poison in your hands in a cheap affair


Corona infection is spreading rapidly all over the world. The disease has so far made millions of people ill and at the moment no vaccine or medicine has been made. In such a situation, the emphasis is being given on social distancing, proper hand cleaning, and masking to avoid infection with this virus. So, soap or sanitizer is being used to clean hands. But the cheapest sanitizer available in the market can be fatal for you. The sanitizer you are using to protect against the coronavirus can harm your health. A recent report of sanitizer samples taken by the health department during market checking showed that methyl alcohol is being used in cheap sanitizers. It can cause damage to eyes, hands. Not only this, if someone drinks it by mistake, his kidney can also get spoiled and can even die.

Methyl alcohol found

The health department collected 25 sanitizer samples from different locations within ten days. Of these, only 4 have been reported and all four were found failed in the investigation. Methyl alcohols were found to be harmful to health or the amount of ethyl alcohol used was not enough. The sanitizer you are using is extremely dangerous for you.

Methyl alcohol is used to make paints, thinners, pesticides

According to the health department, the smell of methyl alcohol is similar to that of ethyl alcohol. But it is fatal for humans. It is used in paints, thinners, pesticides. Drinking methyl alcohol can also cause a person's death. Not only this, but it is also a slow poison for children. Ethyl is used in making wine. As its need increases, its consumption is increasing, so it is getting less while ethyl is getting more.

Sanitizer racket

The sanitizer business is currently underway in the city. From the street vendor to the hardware shop, everyone is selling sanitizers. Despite the ban, cheaper sanitizers are also being sold in a 5-5 liter can on their behalf.