Body research: Scientists discovered a new body part, which we were unaware of


Scientists have found a new organ in the human body. Scientists in the Netherlands were investigating a new cancer scan. He then finds a new organ in his throat. Research has shown that there is a group of glands in the upper part of the human neck that we were not aware of until now.

Scientists have named the new organ discovered in the body as the tubular salivary glands. Scientists believe that this organ helps in lubricating the nose. According to a report published in the Journal of Radiotherapy and Oncology, scientists believe that people can benefit if these glands are not affected by radiation treatment.

Scientists at the Cancer Institute in Amsterdam, Netherlands, were testing a scan called PSMA PET-CT, which was designed to detect prostate cancer. During this time the doctor injects a radioactive tracer into the patient's body. A new organ has been discovered due to a radioactive tracer.

Scientists say that the group of glands is 1.5 inches long and resembles the salivary glands. 100 patients were screened during the study. This organ was present in all of them.