Blood Pressure Improving Food: If blood pressure is decreasing, then immediately use these 5 things,


We all are aware of the dangers of high blood pressure but never take low blood pressure seriously. Low blood pressure is also as dangerous for us as high blood pressure. Low blood pressure is a disease caused by our food and lifestyle. When the blood pressure of an individual goes below 90/60, this condition is called low blood pressure.

Many times we get dizzy or fall, or when the darkness starts coming under the moving eyes, the hands and feet start getting cold in the faint. We ignore this situation. But you know that all these problems are caused by low blood pressure. Low blood pressure may increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. Not only this, but low blood pressure also affects the brain, it can even result in human death.

Cause of low blood pressure:

Low blood pressure can be due to side effects, serious injuries, diabetes, and eating. If you have any such complaint, then first of all note your blood pressure regularly and include such things in your diet so that your blood pressure will remain normal. Let us know which 5 things you should include in your diet so that your low blood pressure is normal.

Drink sufficient amount of water:

Often doctors recommend us to drink at least two litres of water a day. You should consume more water during summer or after exercise. Apart from water, you can also take the juice.

Eating Amla is beneficial:

Eating Amla in low BP is also beneficial. For this, just mix one spoon of honey in one cup of gooseberry juice and drink it. Doing this will give you quick relief. Apart from this, you can also eat a gooseberry jam.

Eat things with salt:

Salty foods help increase your low blood pressure. Good sources of salt include olives, cheese, and canned soup or tuna. You can include these things in your food as per your choice. You can also use sea salt in your food.

Drink instant coffee:

Coffee and caffeinated tea helps increase blood pressure. As soon as you feel that your BP is decreasing, you should drink a cup of coffee. Coffee immediately impairs blood pressure.

Take Vitamin B12:

Foods rich in vitamin B12 include eggs, chicken, fish and low-fat dairy products such as buttermilk. Vitamin B12 helps to produce healthy red blood cells in the body. Deficiency of this vitamin can cause anaemia, which reduces blood pressure. Due to this, many parts of the body can be damaged.