Bizarre: This unique condition is kept in this village at the time of the marriage!


If this happens, the girls leave their in-laws after getting married and spend their entire lives with their husbands there. But there is a place in India where girls do not visit their in-laws after marriage.

Rather, the husband stays in his in-law's house. This is seen in a village located in the Kaushambi district of Uttar Pradesh. For this reason, the village named Hingulpur in UP is known as the son-in-law's village.

At one time, cases of female feticide and dowry deaths were more common in this village. For this reason, the people of the village have adopted this type of method to save their daughters. It is said that years ago, the people of the village decided to keep the girls in the maiden after marriage. That is why the people of this village place this condition in front of the girl's family at the time of their girl's relationship.