Bizarre News: 5 unique schools in the world, where strange methods are adopted for studies


Many types of questions start running in the mind as soon as we hear the name of the school and study. A bag is full of books, the pressure of studying, etc. But today we will tell you about some unique schools in the world, where studies are done, but strange methods are adopted for it. The aim behind this is that children should not be bored while studying, but they feel very good.

Zhongdong: The Cave School

This school in China have186 students and about 8 teachers teach the students in this school. The school was inside a natural cave, which was discovered in the year 1984. Education was given to such children here, who cannot go to school, but in 2011, the Chinese government closed the school.

The Carpe Diem School

The school is located in Ohio. There are around 300 cubicles instead of classrooms, just like any office. This school believes that everyone should learn things at their level. If children have any kind of problem, then the instructor comes and helps them immediately.

Sudbury School

This school is in America. The children of this school make their time table and also decide on what day they have to study. Also, the school children decide which methods of education they should adopt and how they want to assess themselves.

Makoko Floating School

In many places, it is seen that due to lack of schools or distance, children are not able to go to study, but this is not a problem in Nigeria. There is a school here that floats on water. It has 100 children studying at a time. The school is also comfortable with the rising water level and the inclement weather does not harm it.