Big news! These rules related to booking train tickets have changed, it is very important to know


India Railways is continuously increasing the number of trains. Now only confirmed ticket holders are allowed to travel. Now the railway has started booking current tickets as well. Simultaneously, the railway has made changes in the form of reservation tickets.

It is important to give this information

>> Now the traveler will also have to fill his complete address, house number, street, colony, city, tehsil and district information in the form. Also, fill the phone number that you are carrying with you during the journey.

>> You must collect tickets from the reservation counters or fill in the information from the IRCTC website or app as well.

>> It will not take more than 70 seconds to fill a form. In view of this, Railways has made software changes from its Center for Railway Information System, ie CRIS.

Railways have made changes in the reservation system - Railways have made changes in the software associated with the reservation counter (PRS) at the stations. This will affect the people coming to the stations for reservation. In the proforma, the passenger will have to give his full address, house number, street colony, full details of the tehsil.

Know cancellation and refund rules

The rules for cancellation of tickets and refunds of fare for railway passengers 2015 are applicable. If you have less than 4 hours of the confirmed ticket, you will not get a refund. If you have a confirmed ticket and want to cancel it, you will get a refund only after canceling the ticket 4 hours before the departure.