Big news: After 2DG in Corona, now scientists have found this effective drug, clinical trials started


The second wave of corona infection in the country has now come under control to a large extent. In the early weeks of April and May, where the daily infection cases had crossed the three and a half lakh mark, it has now come down to less than 1.25 lakh. Health experts are considering vaccination as the most effective way to prevent corona, keeping this in mind, the campaign of vaccination has been intensified. Meanwhile, the work of manufacturing Corona medicines is also going on in full swing in the country. After Corona's drug 2DG made by the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO), now work on another drug is also going on at a rapid pace. CSIR and Laxai Life Sciences have started clinical trials of another drug. The Ministry of Science and Technology has given information in this regard on Sunday.

Let us know in this article how this drug sent to clinical trials can prove to be helpful in the treatment of Kovid-19?

The drug has been used in tapeworm infection

The Ministry of Science and Technology said in a tweet on Sunday – "CSIR and Laxai Life Sciences have started clinical trials of a drug named 'Niclosamide'. This drug has previously been widely used to treat tapeworm infections in adults and children. In the past, it has been tested many times from a protective point of view, in which this drug has been found safe for use in humans. Institutes have started a clinical trial of Niclosamide drug for

This drug can stop syncytia formation

Dr. Ram Vishwakarma, Advisor, DG-CSIR, says- 'We were engaged in the search for a drug that could be effective in stopping the formation of syncytia. In this sequence, the drug Niclosamide has been identified by the research group at King's College, London. According to health experts, syncytia or fused cells are being seen in the lungs of many patients of Kovid-19. Experts believe that it is probably being formed as a result of the fusogenic activity of the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2. Studies so far have shown that the drug Niclosamide can prove to be effective in preventing this type of build-up.

The ability to block the entry of viruses into the body

CSIR-IIIM and Jammu & NCBS, during collaborative research, recently found that the drug Niclosamide can also prevent the SARS-CoV-2 virus from entering the body. The scientists found that this drug may prove to be a barrier to entry of the virus through the pH endocytic pathway. These two independent experimental studies by scientists have paved the way for sending Niclosamide for clinical trials in COVID-19 patients.

The drug was used in the treatment of SARS patients

Earlier, during the outbreak of 2004, the drug Niclosamide was also used in the treatment of SARS patients. Recently, a team of researchers at the University Hospital in Trieste, Italy found in a study that this drug is effective in the treatment of coronavirus infection. In the study, scientists revealed that this drug can be of great help in fighting the deadly pathogen.

Corona medicine available in India

The drug '2DG' prepared by the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) is available for the treatment of Kovid-19 patients in India. The drug has been developed by the Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences (INMAS) in collaboration with Dr. Reddy's Laboratory, Hyderabad. Available in the form of a powder, this drug is being claimed that it can prove to be very effective in removing the lack of oxygen in patients and saving the lives of the infected.

If Niclosamide is found effective in clinical trials and its use is allowed, it could be the second drug after 2DG for the treatment of corona in the country.

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