Bharti wants to become a mother, said - Baby planning is difficult


The coronavirus havoc is yet to relieve people. From ordinary people to Bollywood celebrities are locked in the house. Meanwhile, Corona has turned the comedian Bharti Singh's planning on. When Bharti Singh and her husband Harsh Limbachia were planning a baby after 3 years of marriage, Corona turned their plans on.

Bharti and Harsh had mentioned this in an interview. He had said that in the year 2020, he will do baby planning. But due to Corona, he cannot think of it yet. Bharti said in a conversation with Telechakkar, "Yes, I want to be a mother. Rather, Harsh and I had planned to have a baby this year. Thought to play 20-20 in 2020. But now to put a brake on it The need arises. That too because of Corona. I can't take the risk. "

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Bharti further said that the baby cannot plan in this tension. I want Baby to come to a healthy environment. At this time, there is such a danger in going to the hospital itself and once you become pregnant, you will have to go to the hospital for a regular checkup. I think we can plan it after one year. I don't want to endanger Baby's health. "

Let us tell you that Bharti and Harsh's love story started with the set of 'Comedy Circus'. They got married in December 2017 after dating each other for 7 years. During the lockdown too, Bharti and Harsh are entertaining their fans with an online show 'Hum Tum Aur Quarantine'.