Bhakti : These actresses became a hit by playing the role of Goddess, people used to join hands after seeing


The craze of religious TV shows on the small screen has been seen from the very beginning. In the midst of the lockdown, mythological serials were on television all the time. All these television serials got a lot of love from the audience. Not only the serials but also their characters are very much liked by the audience. Not only this, these characters are actually considered to be the form of deities. Today in this report we will talk about some such actresses who made a special place in the hearts of people by playing religious characters on TV.

There are many such actresses in the industry, who made a lot of headlines by playing the role of ladies. It was from these characters that he got a different identity from house to house. It has also happened to these actresses in these characters of ladies that people used to join hands after seeing them and touch their feet. Let us tell today about these actresses ...

Deepika Chikhaliya

In Ramanand Sagar's Ramayana, the character of Mother Sita was played by actress Deepika Chikhaliya. Deepika was well-liked in this character. Her fans actually started considering her as Mother Sita. Wherever she went, people started worshiping her in the form of Sita. Not only this, people used to touch his feet.

Mouni Roy

Television actress Mouni Roy played the character of Goddess Sati in the TV serial 'Devon Ke Dev Mahadev'. Mouni was also well-liked in this character. Actor Mohit Raina played the role of Bhagwan Mahadev in this serial along with Mouni.

Gracie Singh

The name of actress Gracy Singh, who was seen in the film 'Munnabhai MBBS' with Sanjay Dutt, is also included in this list. Gracie also played the character of Mata Santoshi in the television show Santoshi Maa. Gracie was well-liked in this character.

Sonarika Bhadauria

Actress Sonarika Bhadauria, who played the role of Mata Parvati in the serial Devon Ke Dev Mahadev, was also well-liked by the people. Sonarika got recognition from house to house with this serial. Not only this, people started considering her as Mother Durga in reality.

Pooja Sharma

Pooja Sharma was first praised for playing the role of Draupadi in Mahabharata and then she won the hearts of the audience by playing the role of Maa Kali. In the year 2017, Pooja Sharma played the role of Sati, Parvati, and Mahakali in Star Plus religious serial Mahakali Ant Hi Aarambh.

Priyanka Singh

Actress Priyanka Singh has played various avatars of Durga Maa in the mythological TV serial 'Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanuman'. Priyanka's character got a lot of love in this serial. People appreciated his simplicity and acting.

Debina Banerjee

In 2008, Ramanand Sagar's son Anand Sagar remade the Ramayana. In this, the character of Sita was played by Debina Banerjee. Debina Banerjee also received a lot of applause for her role and people liked it a lot.