Beware: the second wave of the corona is very dangerous for such women, the risk of death is also high


The second wave of Corona is proving to be extremely challenging for all ages and genders. Be it children or elderly, women or men, this wave of infection is catching everyone. Experts say that people who have a weakened immune system have a higher risk of infection. In such a situation, the question is arising in the mind of the people whether this virus can be very dangerous for pregnant women? This question becomes important because experts say that during pregnancy the resistance of the body of women becomes very weak. Let us know about this from a gynecologist.

The danger in the second wave

During a conversation with Amar Ujala, the gynecologist Dr. Vaishali says that the first wave of the corona was not as dangerous for pregnant women as it is the second wave. Very serious infections are seen in pregnant women due to the corona mutant virus. There are many changes in the body's immune system during pregnancy, due to which the risk of infection increases in such women.

Need special attention

Health experts say that in pregnant women who are suffering from an infection, most of the cases are mild. However, it can be extremely dangerous for women in whom the infection increases and takes serious forms. The best way to avoid this is to protect yourself from any kind of infection first. In the second wave of Corona, there are also more cases of death of pregnant women.

Wear masks at home too

Dr. Vaishali says, it is generally said that those who become infected with kovid should be isolated, but in this case, pregnant women are advised to isolate themselves if someone is infected in your home. . Such women should wear masks at home as well and keep distance from other people in the house even if other people do not get an infection.

What do doctors say about vaccination?

Experts say that the vaccine is not currently being given to pregnant women. But studies show that if pregnant women are given the convicted vaccine, it can cause antibodies in their bodies. These antibodies may also protect the baby growing through the umbilical cord. Although this is not being done in practice, further studies are needed.

Note: This article has been prepared on the basis of a conversation with Dr. Vaishali Sharma, a woman specialist, and Dr. Amish Kumar of IGIMM.

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