Beware: the risk of these diseases increases in summer, do not be careless


When winters start and the summer season starts, it feels very good in the beginning, but gradually when the heat starts rising, then it becomes a cause for trouble. If you are thinking that the summer season is good, they also know that this season brings many kinds of diseases along with it. There is a risk of many diseases in this season. In this case, even a little carelessness can put a big burden on your health. Let us know which diseases are at increased risk in the summer?


Heatstroke or heat stroke is common in the summer season. Actually, it is due to staying in the hot and scorching sun for a long time. According to a report by Newberg Diagnostics, heatstroke can cause problems such as headaches, weakness, muscle aches, and fever. Therefore, there is a need to be careful in this season.

Food poisoning

One of the most common summer diseases is food poisoning, which is caused by the intake of contaminated food or water. According to Newberg Diagnostics, bacteria and food are easily grown in this season due to heat and humidity, which causes food and water to become contaminated. Therefore, it is better to avoid eating food or anything outside.


It is one of the most common problems occurring in summer. According to Newburgh Diagnostics, the body often suffers from water shortage during this season, which makes people prone to dehydration. Actually, sweating occurs a lot in summer and a lot of water comes out of the body through sweat, due to which the problem of dehydration occurs. So it is important that you keep drinking water from time to time to keep yourself hydrated during this season.


According to Newberg Diagnostics, sunburn is caused by the sun's ultraviolet rays that damage your skin cells. If the person is standing for too long in strong sunlight, then he may get sunburn. Therefore, experts say that before taking out in the sun, take an umbrella and get out only by applying sunscreen.

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