Beuaty Tips: Use Kush to get glowing skin, mix it with coconut oil you will get amazing benefits


Very few people will know about Kush grass but it is quite beneficial for both skin and hair. Know how? and instagram

Home remedies are considered best for getting rid of skin irritations. There are many materials in our house that you can use by looking at the weather and skin tone. But today we are going to tell you about a recipe which can remove every skin problem. We are talking about vetiver. It is a type of fragrant grass, which is used in skincare as well as in making many foods.

Kush Khas has many nutrients and antioxidants which are not only beneficial for the skin but also keep you away from many diseases. In summer, we consume many such things which are responsible for acne and skin inflammation. Kush roots are also very beneficial which keeps the skin hydrated and gives them a natural glow. You can use it in different ways according to your need.

Remove pimples

Most people have acne problems in summer. Poppy has anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties, which is a natural way to treat pimples, rashes and boils. Apart from this, other anti-pimples are very hard, which hardens the skin. In this case, poppy not only makes the skin soft but also removes pimples. It can also be used for sensitive skin.

Deep clean

Khas grass is an anti-bacterial shield which helps in removing deep dirt and pollution. Apart from this, it cleans the pores of your skin from the inside, which removes blackheads, pimples, whiteheads all easily. It acts as a natural cleanser, which protects the skin from any kind of allergies by cleansing it from inside.

Provides skin nutrition

Poppy can hold high water, which keeps the skin hydrated for a long time. It is also best for nourishing dry and scaly skin. It controls sebum production which keeps the skin moisturized without greasiness, as well as giving it a natural glow.

Reduces inflammation

Cooling effects in Kush are not limited to beverages only but also the skin. It has anti-inflammatory properties that relieve skin redness and also works effectively for sunburn.

Removes mark

Poppy has secretory properties that make the skin cells and helps in increasing the growth of new tissue in the affected area. It easily removes marks on the skin like pimples, smallpox, and stretch marks.

Overcome the problem of anti-ageing

Poppy grass has antioxidant properties which help in removing toxins and free radix. Essential oils are also made from measles, using which you can get relief from the problem of anti-ageing.

It is beneficial for skin as well as hair

Due to ageing, stress and lack of proper nutrition, your scalp becomes dull and weak. In such a situation, khus work wonders for a cell-renewing agent. It increases collagen and strengthens hair cell structure, which transforms hair back to life. Besides, it can also cure scalp irritation, dandruff or inflammation.

Know how you can use

When it comes to skin and hair beauty, vetiver essential oil is very popular for everyday care. You should always mix a little vetiver essential oil in the oil used. Keep in mind that you mix it in coconut oil, olive oil or grapeseed oil only. Now you can use it according to your need. At the same time, you can easily find Vetiver Essential Oil at any beauty store.