Before taking basil leaves, keep these things in mind!


People often plant Tulsi in their courtyard and use leaves in many ways. Tulsi is also used extensively in Ayurveda for the treatment of various conditions. The essential oils found in basil keep our breathing system right. It is full of antioxidants which helps in reducing stress, calms the nerves, and is also very effective in conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure.

Taking green leaves of basil helps to get rid of many seasonal diseases like cold, cough, cold, fever, children's asthma, headache. Drinking tea prepared from basil leaves, ginger, and black pepper is beneficial in cough and cold. But there are some important things to keep in mind while taking basil, Because as many basil leaves have advantages if negligence is done then it can prove to be harmful to our health. So let's know some such things, which we should know after consuming Tulsi.

The question of most people is, is there really mercury in basil leaves? So yes, it is absolutely true that mercury is found in basil leaves. That is why it is said that basil leaves should not be chewed and eaten. It weakens and spoils our teeth. Be sure to consume basil. But whenever you consume it, swallow its leaves directly with water, ie do not chew it and eat it. Do not consume basil in large quantities continuously, otherwise it can cause many diseases.

Many people also add basil leaves to milk tea, but it is very harmful in health because basil should never be taken with milk. It has a very bad effect, Tulsi should not be consumed until 1 hour after drinking milk.