Before marriage in this country, rotten tomatoes and eggs are thrown at the bride and groom


Marriage is a ceremony after which two people and two families join each other. Various rituals are performed in every state and country in marriage. Every religion also has its own different customs which people follow. Which most people are aware of but it is not said that the world is full of diversities, in the same way, unique rituals are also performed in many countries and communities, which you are surprised to know about. By the way, our country India itself is full of diversity. There is also a lot of difference in the rituals of weddings in different provinces, but today we will tell about such a wedding where you will be surprised to hear the strange rituals and traditions and will say what a wonderful custom.

In India, regardless of the marriage of any community, a ritual is performed in most of them, that is the ritual of turmeric. Turmeric is considered very auspicious here, so before marriage, turmeric and sandalwood, etc. are applied to improve the face of the boy and girl. If you are told that you will have to face rotten eggs and rotten tomatoes before marriage, then perhaps you will feel very strange but do you know that there is a country where instead of turmeric sandalwood before marriage, rotten tomatoes on the bride and groom Dirty things that smell like rotten eggs, fish, etc. are thrown. In Scotland, the bride and groom are first tied to a tree and then things like chocolate syrup, milk, flour, rotten eggs, rotten tomatoes, and rotten fish are poured over them. Don't you think you have a strange custom at all?

What is the belief behind this

There is a belief among the people behind performing this ritual that the bride and groom are protected from evil forces in the coming times. If they manage themselves while facing all these things before marriage, then they can easily face the challenges of life to come. Although this ritual is not performed here in entire Scotland, some parts of this tradition are discharged.