Beauty Tips: Your skin is dry and damaged in winter, follow these steps to get back glowing skin


In winter, the skin becomes dry and lifeless, especially when you spend all the time in front of the heater. This makes your skin even drier, initially, it seems to be common problems, but gradually it starts to become a skin barrier. The skin barrier is made up of cells called corneocytes, they are present in the top layer of the skin, which looks like bricks containing keratin and natural moisturizer. Applying the right moisturizer can be beneficial to deal with dry skin and other skin related problems in such weather.

Our skin is naturally acidic, which helps protect the skin and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria, and fungi. Which can cause infections, allergies, and pimples and irritation from it can make the skin susceptible. In the initial period, your skin will look dull and taut, later these problems will increase. At the same time, you can try these methods to get relief from damage and Dal skin.

Take care of skin like this

In cold weather, it is very important to keep the pH value of your skin in balance. In such a situation, do not use beauty products and beauty treatment more, instead, it is enough to follow a regular skincare routine. Use exfoliate containing the mild agent and do this at least twice a week. Washing the face frequently can affect the skin, so use a gentle cleanser. Also, use an alcoholic moisturizer and do not use too much hot water to wash your face.

Use oil

The moisturizer keeps skin moisturized, so take care that the skin is not too dry. You can use facial oil, especially if you apply mist, serum, and moisturizer. The oil will keep your skin hydrated, so you can use facial oil before using any beauty products. At the same time, make sure to check facial oil once if the ingredients present in it are suitable for your skin.

These ingredients are present in the moisturizer

Use the same moisturizer that contains hyaluronic acid such as squalene and peptides. However, if you wish, you can also use simple petroleum jelly to moisturize your skin. Products containing ceramides help in rebuilding our skin. Apart from this, collagen and elastin also help in keeping our skin soft and youthful for a long time. In such a situation, if you use moisturizer, try all these ingredients in it.

Protect skin from UV rays

UV rays affect your skin problems more. This causes symptoms of dark spots, premature sign, fine lines etc. on the skin. In this case, apply sunscreen every two to three hours and use it again and again, because UV rays reduce the protein of our skin and cause skin problems. At the same time try not to come in contact with the direct rays of the sun.

Use Humidifier

If you feel that your skin is dry and damaged then you can use a humidifier. It helps in maintaining moisture in the air. It is completely safe for your skin, while the trend of humidifiers is also increasing these days. People who have trouble breathing can use it.