Beauty Tips: While having lunch in the office cafeteria during the Corona era, keep these things in mind


If you are eating something in the office canteen or cafeteria during the Corona era, then it is important to keep these things in mind.

While the coronavirus has changed the way people live. At the same time, it has forced many measures to be taken for safety and security. While work from home has been arranged for an indefinite time in many offices on one side, there are some offices which have been reopened. In such a situation, if you also go to the office and have lunch in the office canteen or cafeteria, then you should keep in mind the things mentioned here so that you can not get any kind of coronavirus infection.

Eat only fully cooked food

According to the WHO, there is currently no evidence of coronavirus infection through food. But from a security point of view, you should always eat well-cooked food. There is no risk of corona infection due to food cooked at high temperature. Eating cold foods like salads, sandwiches, yoghurt and raita is an element of risk. Therefore, try to have a fully cooked meal. Select cold foods only when they are served in an individually split-sealed container. To reduce the risks of infection, companies are now ensuring that cafeteria staff, kitchen staff, and anyone else such as a delivery executive who strictly follows the safety protocol from the WHO and the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India Prepare the same meal.

Make proper distance from cafeteria users

Although the food may not be the source of corona infection, proximity to an infected person may be the cause of infection. The virus is mostly spread from person to person via respiratory droplets. Therefore, everyone should stay at least three feet away from others and make as little contact as possible. Employees who prioritize the welfare and safety of employees are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that their office cafeteria is a digital cafeteria with technology front and centre.

Avoid contact with people and surfaces

Avoid touching anything and also keep a proper distance from people. Avoid touching anything such as trays, plates, salt sugar containers or napkins, prioritize volunteering in office cafeterias due to the virus's ability to survive on surfaces. Companies are now digitizing cafeteria management to reduce human interaction, making it easier to monitor cafeteria operations as well as kitchen functions. Other users should not use anything used by a person until it is completely cleaned. By the way, cutlery and cooking utensils are now being cleaned thoroughly after every use. But before use, clean the plate and cutlery with a tissue. Immediately throw the used tissue paper into the closed litter box.

Follow guidelines

Always follow company rules and guidelines for eating in the cafeteria. To avoid overcrowding, some companies are following carefully crafted methods, such as time slots for a particular number of employees to enter the cafeteria at a time. Instead of sitting nearby or opposite to each other, sit diagonally across from other users. Dedicated teams of cafeteria staff with appropriate protective gear are being deployed for maximum safety. Employees can opt for delivery at their desk if the employer allows it. Companies are choosing to close the cafeteria during non-meals so that space can be cleaned for optimum hygiene and safety. Therefore you need to follow the guidelines.

As long as there is no proper medicalization or vaccination of the coronavirus, all precautions should be taken. So avoid eating as far as possible. If you eat food in your office cafeteria-like outside then it is important to keep the above things in mind.

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