Beauty Tips: The peel of these fruits will fulfill the dream of glowing skin, know how to use


Fruits Peel To Get Fair Skin: Till date, you must have heard the advice to include fruits in your diet to maintain good health, but do you know if fruits help you in getting good health, then the peels of fruits will be your beauty I can also do the work of planting four moons. Let's know how to use skin peels to get glowing skin.

Papaya peel-

Papaya peel works by removing the face of dryness and enhances the glow of the skin. For this, dry the peel of papaya and grind it finely to make powder. Now make a thick paste by mixing one teaspoon of glycerin in two teaspoons of powder and apply it to your face like a face pack. Wash your face when the pack is dry. To remove facial tanning, grind papaya peel and use lemon juice mixed in it.

Orange peel-

To get rid of stains, pimples, and tanning on the face, grind orange peel and make a fine paste. Now mix 2 teaspoons of raw milk and two pinches of turmeric in this paste and apply this paste on the face like a face pack. Wash the face with cold water when the pack dries.

Lemon peel-

To remove tanning, grind the lemon peel and make a paste and use it as a face pack on the face.

Banana Peel-

To get rid of tanning, you should rub the inner white part of the banana peel on the face with light hands for twenty minutes. After this wash the face. Doing this increases the brightness of the face.

Mango Peel-

To reduce facial wrinkles, grind the mango peel and apply it to the face, it helps in reducing pimples and wrinkles. For this, dry the mango peel and make it into a powder and mix it with rose water, wheat flour and use it as a paste on the face.