Beauty Tips:-Serum provides many benefits to your face, just know the right way to use it


Today, women use a variety of products to take care of their skin. One of these products is face serum. This lightweight beauty product gives many benefits to your skin, not one. It improves your skin texture as well as lightens skin spots and scars etc. Apart from this, it also reduces open pores, which also reduces the problem of breakouts, whiteheads, and blackheads, etc. Face serum hydrates your skin, which also relieves dryness and its associated problems. This is the reason why every woman is advised to include face serum in her beauty routine. However, you get all these benefits only if you apply them properly. So, in this article today, we are telling you about the right way to apply face serum-

Set the serum in the correct order

When you are applying serum to your face, the first and basic step is to apply it in the right order. For example, you should know when to apply face serum in all beauty products. For this, you must first cleanse the skin. After this, if you want, you can gently exfoliate the skin. After this you should apply toner or mist on the face and after that number comes face serum. After applying face serum, you can apply moisturizer, SPF, and then makeup on the skin.

Apply serum at the right time

You should also pay little attention to the time while applying the serum. Generally, it is considered safe to apply face serum twice a day in the morning and at night. However, be sure to read the label once before applying your serum. Sometimes there are some ingredients in the serum because of which they cannot be used in the afternoon when the sun is very strong. This may reduce the effectiveness of the serum. Therefore, it is best to apply such serum at night.

This is how you apply face serum

When you are applying face serum on your face, you must read its label. Most face serums may have some specific instructions and you should apply such serums according to the instructions on the label. By the way, when you are using face serum, there is always a fund of less is more. For this, take two pumps or one pea-sized serum, this is enough to cover your face and neck. Usually, when you apply face cream and moisturizer, massage it until it absorbs, but it does not happen when applying face serum. Apply the serum on the face by tapping on the fingertip. After this, wait for some time so that the serum can enter your skin. After this, you can apply other skincare products.

So what is the delay, just adopt these steps and pamper your skin.

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