Beauty Tips: Quick Makeup Tips: Try RubinaDilaik's 3 makeup looks easily recreate for a weekend lunch date


Contestants of Bigg Boss Season 14 and the TV industry's famous actress RubinaDilaiik's beauty are being discussed everywhere. Particularly, there is a craze among women for recreating RubinaDilaiq's makeup looks. The biggest reason for this is that Rubina carries very simple and light makeup, which looks great on her.

If you also like RubinaDilaiq's makeup looks, then you can also re-create them. The kind of light makeup Rubina makes, you can carry on a lunch date.

So let us tell you about 3 easy and quick makeup looks of RubinaDilaik-

Pink Lips with No Makeup Eye Look

Nowadays no makeup eye look is quite an in fashion. As can be understood from the name itself, this makeup look does not make up the eyes. But it is not that in such makeup you do not have to pay attention to the eyes. In a no-makeup eye look, you also have to apply primer on the eyes and cover the dark circles with the concealer. Also, you should apply transparent mascara to the eyelids.

With this, the makeup of your eyes is completed. In this picture too, RubinaDilaik has also followed the No Makeup I Look. With this look, Rubina has applied pink lipstick on the lips. You can also carry this makeup look for a day lunch party. If your skin tone is fair or wheatish, you can try this makeup look.

Dark Eye Brow Makeup Look

In this picture, RubinaDilaik carries a dark eyebrow makeup look. You can also carry this makeup look on your lunch date. Let me tell you that dark eyebrow makeup gives you a youthful look and highlights the eyes. For this, you will find eyebrows highlighters in good brands in the market.

Usually, in the market, you will find black and dark brown color eyebrows highlighters. Best of all, you should choose a dark brown color because it will give a natural look to your eyebrows. Rubina carries Pink Lips and Peach Blushon for this makeup look, which gives them a youthful look.

Nude eye dark lips makeup

To apply new eye makeup, you must first understand the basics of this makeup. Shades are used to match the skin in a new make-up. These shades vary along with the skin tone. If you want a perfect nude eye makeup look, then first understand your skin color tone and choose from foundation to eyeshades and lipsticks accordingly.

RubinaDilayik's skin tone is pink based and so in this picture, she carries a light brown eyeshade for a nude eye look. Along with this, Rubina has completed her makeup look by applying dark brown lipstick and pink blush. This makeup look is also good for a lunch date. Especially if you like dark lipstick and your skin tone are also pink-based then you can carry this makeup look.