Beauty Tips: Meera Rajput uses DIY face mask and oil for glowing skin


Meera Rajput, the wife of Bollywood actor Shaheed Kapoor, is no less than an actress. Meera shares home remedies on social media on the day, which are beneficial for the skin. Meera Rajput had told in an interview with Vogue that she rarely likes to use beauty products. Not only this, Meera Rajput has shared many posts on her Instagram, in which she describes DIY oil and face masks. Meera Rajput uses some easy DIY for glowing and impeccable face, which you too can adopt.

Make a face mask with honey and turmeric

Meera Rajput has told in an interview to several publications that she uses DIY face mask since the age of 14. There are many such spices in our kitchen, which are enough to make the skin glowing. Here we are talking about turmeric and honey, which causes the dead skin to come out. Meera Rajput shared on her Instagram that she mixes a little turmeric in honey and applies a face mask. Turmeric has anti-bacterial properties, which are beneficial for the skin.

Raw milk

Meera Rajput uses raw milk for glowing skin, which gives tanning removal. Meera Rajput told in an interview to several publications that in her childhood she used to see her mother applying raw milk on her face. While sharing this DIY on her Instagram, Meera Rajput said that raw milk makes your face glow. To use it, you can use a cotton ball, mix rose water with milk in a bowl and apply it on the face. When it dries in a while, wash it with water.

Basil leaves are beneficial

Meera Rajput said on her Instagram that whenever she has acne or red spots on her face, she uses basil leaves. Meera Rajput told that soak basil leaves in water for some time and apply it on the stained area, it will eliminate redness. Tulsi leaves are found to have anti-inflammatory properties, which are beneficial for skin whitening. You can apply it on the face after waking up in the morning.

4 Step Glow Facials

Meera Rajput told in an interview to Vogue that she refused to have facials even before her marriage, as she would not let anyone put a hand on her face. Meera loves to adopt home remedies and 4 Step Glow Facial is her favourite. In the first step, apply Meera lemon juice on the face and in the second step apply gram flour and curd. After this, Meera applies tomato juice on her face and finally applies aloe vera. After some time, the face is washed with water and the skin starts glowing.

Coconut oil and hibiscus

Meera Rajput uses a secret DIY to keep her hair healthy. To make special oil for hair, Meera mixes 7 to 8 jaggery leaves, 2 jaggery flowers, coconut oil, curry leaves, amla powder and neem powder together. Now boil it until it is mixed, then keep it to cool down. Meera Rajput always uses this oil to make hair thick and strong.

Image Credit: Instagram, freepik