Beauty Tips: Makeup will be very beautiful if you choose blush according to skin tone


Blush is a very important part of your makeup. But when choosing blush you should take care of your skin tone.

When it comes to makeup, blush is included in it. Whether you do heavy makeup or have a no-makeup look, it is very important to apply blush in it. It gives your makeup a refreshing look, but it looks good on your skin only when you choose the right colour. Every skin woman's skin tone is different and therefore you must take care of your skin tone while choosing blush. If you choose the right blush, it warms up your skin complexion, highlights features, even gives your skin a youthful look.

On the other hand, choosing the wrong blush shade can spoil the look of your entire makeup. If seen this way, then the blush proves to be a game-changer in your makeup. Maybe you do not know which blush shade will be good according to your skin tone, so today in this article we are telling you about it in detail-

Fair skin tone

Vibrant shades look great on such skin tones. Choose a shade of blush that enhances the look of your fair skin. You can choose shades like soft pink, peach or light coral to give your skin tone a natural look.

If these shades are applied properly on the cheeks, then it will improve the complexion of your skin. Lightly tap the colour on your cheeks with your fingers or buffers with a powder brush. While applying the blush, take care that you do not apply too much colour on the cheeks.

Medium skin tone

The best thing with women with medium skin tone is that you can use many shades to achieve a different look. Pink or peach colour gives your skin a natural look, while if you want to create a bold look, you can choose the mauve shade. In this way, you can experiment with different types of colours to create different looks in your makeup.

Deep skin tone

Deep skin tone women can choose multiple shades of blush for their skin. For example, deep shades of brown, red and orange give your skin a radiant and glowing look. Light shades of powder pink, coral and reds will give your makeup a washed outlook. If you want to create a pop look by applying blush, then you first apply blush on your cheeks and apply it in a circular motion and then blend outwards towards the ears.