Beauty Tips: Make keratin treatment like a parlour, sitting at home, it will give hair silky, shiny and soft


You can also do expensive keratin treatment like a parlour at home; it will bring new shine to the hair and will repair damaged hair.

If you have too much damage and frizzy hair, then you may have also heard of some good hair treatment. Often people think of getting keratin treatment done in the hair, which makes the hair look good instantly. In this treatment, keratin protein is injected into your hair so that the hair follicle is strong and looks healthy, but it is very expensive if it is done at home.

Now you must be wondering how the keratin treatment of parlour can happen at home. If you get the long hair done in a keratin treatment parlour, then it costs 8-10 thousand rupees. In such a way, how to do such treatment that keratin can be done in the hair? So let's talk today how you can do a treatment like a parlour at home.

What is Keratin?

Keratin is a type of protein that is present in our hair, nails etc. But when its outer layer gets spoiled, then our hair nails etc. start looking bad. There is a risk of damaging the hair and looking frizzy. The keratin treatment of a parlour is a kind of chemical treatment that we have to do. But today we are going to talk about how to bring results like that at home.

How to do Keratin Treatment?

Before starting keratin treatment or any type of treatment in hair, make sure that the hair is washed. Hair is washed before a hair spa or any hair treatment. This is because a lot of oil and dirt accumulate in the hair due to which the treatment is not affected properly. So always start such treatment by washing your hair.

For this, you have to use keratin treatment cream. For this, you can use Aegte Keralution Hair Mask Cream. It contains keratin oil which is very good for hair. This keratin cream will be very beneficial for your entire hair. This cream contains both keratin and biotin. If you want, you can also use some other keratin cream. Such as Schwarzkopf Professional Bc Keratin Smooth Perfect Treatment Cream. These creams will be slightly cheaper. But if you are thinking that without keratin cream you are done then it will not happen. If you do not want to use any of these products and you know of any keratin product, then use it.

You should apply it well in your hair. Make a section of hair and apply it. You can apply it with a hair dye brush. After this, with the help of your fingers, you slide it into the hair properly and massage it. Do this with all sections of hair. It has to be applied more in the length.

Whatever cream or mask you are keeping with you, keep it in your hair for at least 40-45 minutes. After this, you have to use a good hair straightener.

When your hair is covered with a hair mask, it is only necessary to use a straightener and make sure that the heating is not too much. Remain medium. This heating will make the hair mask reach inside the hair well. You do hair straightening from the roots to the tip. Try a straightener with ceramic coating.

After this, leave it in the hair for 40-45 minutes. After this wash the hair with the help of shampoo and conditioner. You always have to use chemical-free shampoo. This mask is to be washed first with water and after that use shampoo and conditioner. After this, after applying the serum to your hair, blow dry it.

How long this treatment lasts depends on how you take care of your hair.

What will be the benefit of this process?

  • This will repair frizzy hair.
  • This will give hair shine
  • This is very good for damaged hair
  • This makes hair stronger

What not to do-

  • Initially shampoo while washing hair, do not use conditioner only. And the shampoo should also be sulfate-free.
  • Do not process these in wet hair. After washing the hair, do this treatment only after a blow-dry.
  • Do not allow hair to get wet for 3-4 days if it becomes wet then immediately blow-dry and straighten it
  • Also, if you use a satin or silk pillow cover, you will love it