Beauty Tips: Learn about those Bollywood actresses who adopted 'Bare Skin Trend'


Although makeup enhances the beauty of women, natural skin and glow are always better. The Bollywood actress also loves the no-makeup look-

Although the Bollywood actress does make-up during the shoot, she also loves the no-makeup look. Makeup adds beauty to the moon, but every woman has a natural glow on her face. Makeup is not necessary to show this glow. You are getting it right, we are talking about the bare skin trend, it means no-makeup look. By adopting the Bare Skin Trend, a different glow is applied on the face and there are no spots on the face due to makeup. Here we will tell you about the Bollywood actress who loves to follow the bare skin trend.

Malaika Arora

Many beauty trends followed in the year 2020, but Malaika Arora followed the bare skin trend the most. Malaika Arora is known for her fashion and makeup, but in many videos and photos on Instagram, she appears in a no-makeup look. Malaika Arora has a different glow on her face, due to which she lessens makeup at home. No base is applied on the face for a no-makeup look, but you can use an eyebrows pencil or colour character.

Kareena Kapoor Khan

There are many photos of Kareena Kapoor on social media, which are viral in a no-makeup look. Kareena Kapoor Khan can be seen many times without makeup and the reason is that there is a natural glow on her skin. Kareena Kapoor shared this photo on her Instagram, in which she appeared with no-makeup. Kareena Kapoor Khan said on social media that she uses homemade face masks for glowing skin.

Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt adopts trending fashion as well as skincare and that is why she has millions of fan-following on social media. Alia Bhatt leaves no chance to be simple and has many photos of her no-makeup look on her Instagram too. Alia Bhatt also prefers to live without makeup because doing so does not cause stains on her face.

Deepika Padukone

Who doesn't know about Deepika's bare skin? Apart from this, we know what is the secret of Deepika's healthy skin, you got it right, face roller. Face roller corrects blood flow and makes skin healthy. Deepika Padukone also loves the no-makeup look because her skin stays away from the chemical of makeup.

Katrina Kaif

During the lockdown, Katrina Kaif shared many photos in which she was without makeup. If one looks at Katrina Kaif's Instagram, it is revealed that she loves the no-makeup look. The Bollywood actress is very much liked by the Bare Skin Trend, she exercises to adopt it and takes a healthy diet.

Anushka Sharma

Bare skin trend Anushka Sharma has also tried and this is also due to natural glow pregnancy. Anushka Sharma loves yoga for a bare skin trend and takes a healthy diet. Like all Bollywood actresses, Anushka Sharma shares photos on social media in bare skin.

Image Credit: Instagram