Beauty Tips:-Know about the dos and don'ts of using a blackhead remover


Usually, there are small black spots on the T-zone of the face of women. These spots not only snatch away your natural beauty but also invoke many skin problems such as acne. Blackheads problems usually begin due to clogged hair follicles. From natural oils produced on the skin to dead skin cells and dirt when continuously deposited on the skin, it blocks hair follicles, which ultimately leads to the problem of blackheads. In this case, the Blackhead Remover tool is used to get rid of these blackheads. It acts as an effective tool to get rid of blackheads. However, you need to be careful while using this tool. If you make some mistakes while using it, it hurts you extra, also, it can cause some scars on the face. So, today we are telling you about some important things to be kept in mind while using blackhead remover-

Do not use a dirty blackhead extractor

This is the first and important rule to use a blackhead extractor. Always use a clean tool to remove your blackheads. A dirty blackhead remover tool can cause your skin pores to become infected and cause many skin issues. It is therefore important that you clean your blackhead extractor with warm water and soap before and after use each time. Also, store it in a clean place.

Do exfoliate first

Be sure to clean and exfoliate your face thoroughly before using a blackhead remover or blackhead extractor. Exfoliation opens your skin pores, as well as removes dirt on the skin, making it much easier to use the extractor.

Face Steam

This is also a step that hardly gets your attention. But if you want to make the blackhead removal process more effective and comfortable, then after exfoliating the face, give steam too. By applying steam on the face, the pores of the skin open, and then it becomes very easy to remove the blackheads. Believe it, after steaming the face you will get amazing results while removing the blackheads.

Use blackheads remover properly

When using a blackhead remover or blackhead extractor, do not forget to apply too much thrust. When you exfoliate and steam your skin before using a blackhead remover, you will not need to exert too much pressure to get the blackheads out. Just do a little push. If you are having difficulty removing blackheads, then leave them as-is for some time. By applying too much force to remove blackheads, you will not only have pain, as well as it will leave marks on your face.

Use blackhead remover only when needed

Before you use the tool to remove blackheads, you need to make sure that you have blackheads on your skin and that you need them. Sometimes it can be sebum filaments, which you understand to be blackheads. Sebum filaments are particles that form on your skin when excess sebum is produced on your face. They are lighter in color than blackheads and often appear yellow or light brown. Playing with them is not good for your skin at all.

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