Beauty Tips:-Know about some showering mistakes you must avoid


Taking a shower is an important part of our daily routine. Especially, during summer, due to sweat and humidity, we like to take a shower twice a day. It gives us a feeling of coolness and freshness. It is also helpful in better skin cleaning. Cleaning the body like face is also necessary and taking a shower is very important for this. But are you aware that sometimes a shower can have the opposite effect on both your skin and health? This is because while taking a shower, you inadvertently make some mistakes which you really should avoid. You might not be aware of some such mistakes. So, in this article today, we are going to introduce you to such Showering Mistakes-

Excessive use of soap

These are common shower mistakes, which we all sit on often. We use soap while bathing, which we also apply to our faces. However, the Harsh Chemicals present in the soap take away the natural oil of your skin. In particular, it should not be used at all on the face. Also, soaps can change the pH balance of our skin when used regularly, as they are made with chemicals. Therefore, it is advised to either use natural and chemical-free soap or to reduce the amount of soap you use. At the same time, you use shower gel or body wash instead of soap. They are gentler on your skin.

Standing in the shower for too long

Standing under the shower for a very long time is something we all love. After a long tiring day, both the mind and body feel relieved by taking a shower. But have you ever noticed how wrinkles your fingers look when you spend more time in the shower? These wrinkles occur when your skin absorbs water and the blood vessels under it shrink. Skin can become dry and dry due to prolonged exposure to the shower. So it is better not to spend more than 10-15 minutes in the shower.

Do not wash your bath puffs and towels

After all, we all take a bath to maintain cleanliness. Therefore it is important to keep in mind that to maintain hygiene and hygiene of the body, the things used during the shower must also be clean. We all use puffs and loofas etc. while taking bath, which we often forget to take care of. It is very important to clean all your puffs and other bathing items on a routine. Cleaning them regularly will help prevent any type of fungi and bacteria that can cause serious health issues.

Exfoliate the skin every day

Exfoliation indeed helps in blood circulation. It removes dead skin cells from our skin and makes it smooth and shiny. Therefore, it is necessary to exfoliate the skin, and hence loofah is used. However, it is best to avoid scrubbing your face or body every day. It can also cause skin oily. Also, roughly using loofah can cause redness, irritation, burning, and itching, etc. on the skin. Therefore, do it only two or three times a week. Also, keep in mind that with the help of Gentle Cleanser or Body Wash, use it gently.

Do not apply moisturizer after shower

Most of us have a habit of applying moisturizers before going to bed. However, you get the maximum benefit of moisturizer only when you apply it at the right time. Make sure that you moisturize your skin immediately after bathing; this will help to keep your skin hydrated for a longer period.

Image Credit- Freepik