Beauty Tips:-Keep these things in mind while shaving on acne-prone skin


Hair growing on the face and skin does not look good to any woman. As such, you have no shortage of options to get rid of unwanted hair. But if we talk about a painless and quick way, then shaving can be included in it. By shaving, you can get rid of unwanted hair in a pinch. However, if there is acne on the skin, shaving in such a situation can be quite difficult. This can cause severe pain in addition to irritation and irritation in the skin. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid shaving when acne occurs. However, if you have to do the shaving, then by adopting the right method, you can avoid this pain and irritation to a great extent. So, today we are telling you about some easy tips for shaving when you have acne-

Clean skin with warm water

The process of shaving should always begin with washing your face with warm water. Warm and moist water opens the pores of the skin and softens your hair. Use a gentle facial cleanser, which is anti-bacterial, to wash the face. It also helps in controlling your acne. Acne occurs due to bacterial infection. If you wash your face with warm water, you are cleansing your skin and can prevent the spread of bacteria while shaving.

Use a hydrating shaving cream

When you are shaving, you must create a barrier between your skin and razor blade. Shaving cream helps you in this. However, if you have acne then you should choose non-comedogenic shaving cream. Non-comedogenic shaving cream will not block your pores. Block pores are one of the main reasons behind acne. Shaving cream also blocks your pores, which makes things worse. Therefore, a hydrating non-comedogenic shaving cream should be applied while shaving on acne-prone skin. To make it more effective, let the shaving cream remain on your skin for a few seconds before using the razor.

Shave like this

When you are shaving on acne-prone skin, your method must be also perfect. For this, you start from places where there is no acne. Also, start shaving with short and gentle strokes. Last, of all, you should do shaving at the place where the acne occurs. Shave around the Danger Zone without putting too much pressure on the razor. The razor should gently touch your skin so that there is no irritation or irritation at that place.

Aftershave routine is also important

When your skin is acne-prone, you must take full care of your skin not only during shaving but also after that. The shaving process can be harsher on your skin, after which your skin feels very dry. Dryness is not a good thing, especially when you have pimples. So you must bring your skin moisturizer back after shaving. It helps to soothe any swelling and irritation caused by shaving. However, when you are moisturizing the skin, you also have to take care to get a shave after it is alcohol-free and non-comedogenic. Alcohol snatches the moisture from your skin, while comedogenic products clog the pores. Both of these are not good for your acne skin.

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