Beauty Tips: It is a boon is to wash your feet before going to bed at night, do it daily to stay healthy


The whole day of office and housework causes fatigue which affects every organ ie from the brain to bones and it affects our everyday work. Despite all this, there is one thing that helps in giving energy to the body for the next day? Yes, besides a healthy and nutritious diet, a full night's sleep can help you in this. Although a comfortable mattress, cleaning and many other factors play an important role in giving you a good sleep, washing your feet before going to bed can help you get a deep and sound sleep. Before going to bed, read this article to know what the benefits of washing feet are. But first of all, we know how to wash the feet properly.

How to wash your feet properly?

  • Use hot water to wash feet daily.
  • You don't just have to put water on your feet.
  • Be sure to wash the entire foot especially under your toes and also in between them.
  • Then dry the area between your feet and fingers.
  • You do not need to rub the skin of your feet while doing this.

Relieving pain in joints and muscles

Our legs carry the weight of the entire body. You often feel stiff around the feet at night. It is not just due to tight shoes or wearing the wrong shoes or other activity, the reason behind this can be the constant neglect of the feet. As much as you take care of your hair, skin and other parts of the body, the feet also need equal care. If you start washing your feet at night, you will get a lot of rest because it helps a lot in joints and tissues.

Energy flows better

The legs get the right energy and airflow only when we leave it free on the bed. But when the feet are on the ground, it does not get the right airflow. The feet take heat from the surface of the earth throughout the day, but washing the feet before sleeping at night gives relief to your feet and brain. By doing this, you feel relaxed at bedtime and full of energy after waking up in the morning.

Maintains body temperature

Ayurveda places great emphasis on washing the feet to maintain body temperature. The feet are associated with the elements of fire. Wearing footwear keeps the heat in that closed part of the day. Do you feel comfortable as soon as you take off your shoes? The reason for this is the immediate release of heat. Washing feet before going to bed helps them stay cool and it helps you sleep better.

Stink away

The constant wearing of socks and shoes causes the feet to stink due to sweat. The best way to get rid of this odour is to wash your feet at night and sleep. Yes, instead of spraying spray and lotion, try washing your feet every night before going to bed. With improved airflow, your feet stay fresh inside the shoes for a longer period.

To get all these benefits in addition to good sleep, you must also wash your feet every night before sleeping.

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