BEAUTY TIPS: If your skin is oily then follow these remedies by Shahnaz Hussain


Weather is always a problem for any oily skin, and in humid weather, acne starts coming out on oily skin.

Most of the facewash available in the market is very harsh and steals the moisturizer of your skin, and a large amount of oil starts coming out of your skin. is

Oily skin makes more dead cells than normal and dry skin, its pores are also always blocked, so use homemade scrub and scrub once a day.

By the way, women with oily skin should make make-up only if you have to do make-up, then you should do liquid or cream-based make-up as soon as the need for make-up is over.

Women with oily skin should not use any kind of cold cream or oil, but keep in mind when you are going out of the house, do not forget to use moisturizer.