Beauty Tips: Fans liked Meera Rajput's beauty hacks a lot, do this work to keep hair silky


Meera Rajput is one of the Bollywood star wives who has her own fan following. With an elegant and stylish style, Meera often manages to rob Wah Wahi. Meera also often shares beauty hacks with her fans. In which she tells the home remedies which she uses herself.

Flaxseed is used for hair

Meera Rajput uses flaxseed seeds or flaxseed seeds to nourish and nourish her hair. Boil half a cup of flaxseed in water and then grind it to form a gel. After applying this gel to the hair, it is washed after half an hour. Meera says that this gel is a favorite recipe to keep hair clean.

Not only this, Meera Rajput was found to reveal the secret of her glowing skin along with beautiful hair. Meera showed the fans by making face packs with raw milk, honey, and turmeric. Meera's recipe fans also liked it a lot.

Meera has been taking skincare since the age of 14 with the help of home remedies. His favorite beauty secret is raw milk. Which she also applies to her children. This removes the tanning caused by sunlight. Meera has also explained how to use raw milk on the skin.

She says that take two to three teaspoons of raw milk in a bowl. Then dip it with the help of cotton and apply it to the face. When it dries then apply a layer of milk. Do this until the milk of the bowl is gone.