Be it, man or woman, these 5 things become the reason for hair loss! Click here to know and be careful


Cover hair before exiting the house

You might not be aware that the sun's UV rays can damage your hair as well. Due to these, the protein of the hair is also damaged, due to which the hair starts to become weak and fall.

Stop smoking

Smoking can also damage your hair. Studies have shown that smoking damages the hair follicles' DNA and disrupt hair growth.

Don't stress

In today's time, we all have a lot of stress due to the family, office, or other things. You may not know but stress is a major cause of hair loss. Stress stops the growth of hair follicles, due to which the remaining hair suddenly starts falling larger than normal.

Change diet

You should have a balanced diet. This diet is beneficial for your body as well as your hair. Use meat, fish, nuts, berries, and green leafy vegetables daily in your diet with regular exercise.

Avoid chemicals

Do not choose hair products that contain paraffin and alcohol for hair. The longer your hair, the more nutrition they will need, so reduce the use of chemical products on your hair.