Be careful: make a distance from these 4 beverages in the corona period, weakening the immunity


The cases of corona infection are increasing every day, so it is most important to stay in the house as much as possible and pay attention to immunity so that corona or other types of infection can be avoided.

Tea: Morning tea is made in every household, but you may not know, tea is also a caffeinated drink, in which excessive intake can harm the body. Therefore, to keep immunity strong, consume tea in a limited quantity.

Soda Water: In India, everyone likes to drink soft drinks during the summer, but perhaps they do not know that its consumption can also harm the body. This can weaken immunity. Therefore, it is important to keep a distance from soda water during this corona period.

Alcohol: Coronavirus can harm alcohol consumption in rust. Consuming alcohol daily is more likely to decrease immunity and increase the chances of infection.

Coffee: You might also like to drink coffee in the morning. Even though it gives you a feeling of freshness, but it is caffeine-rich, in such a high intake can also harm your body. So reduce coffee intake.