Be careful: Frequent CT scans for corona examination are fatal, may increase the risk of cancer.


Corona cases are increasing rapidly across the country, as well as the negative reports of the RT-PCR test, despite showing symptoms, is also a cause for concern. Actually, there are many corona patients in whom the symptoms are clearly visible, but despite that, the test report is coming negative. Experts say that there could be many reasons for this, such as the swab being taken incorrectly or it is believed that the newly mutated virus spreading in the country is also dodging the RT-PCR test. What to do in such a situation, let us know…

Experts say that if you are seeing symptoms of the corona, but the RT-PCR test report is negative, then you should be isolated first and start treatment on the advice of the doctor.

On the advice of the doctor, after a few days, you should get the test done again and if the report still comes negative, then a CT scan is recommended. Experts believe that a CT scan can provide important information.

What is the HRCT test?

HRCT test means high-resolution CT scan. This test will reveal whether you are infected with corona or not. Actually, this test gives a 3D picture of corona infection inside the patient's chest. The coronavirus gets caught in it.

When should the HRCT test be done?

Experts say that if the corona patient has a cough, is feeling difficulty in breathing and the oxygen level is continuously going down then it is better to have an HRTC test. This test can show the intensity of the disease. This helps the patient to get the right treatment.

Are there also disadvantages of the HRCT test?

Experts say that there may be a risk of having an HRCT test. Corona patients who are suffering from moderate to severe disease should do this only on the advice of the doctor, but keep in mind that there is also a risk of bad effects due to its radiation.

In this regard, the government also says that a CT scan is equivalent to a chest X-ray performed 300-400 times. Although there is no need to have a CT scan if there are mild symptoms of the corona, be aware that repeated scans can increase the risk of cancer in young people.

Note: Dr. Rajan Gandhi is a highly qualified and experienced General Physician. He has completed his MBBS from GSVM Medical College, Kanpur. He then completed a diploma in CH. He is currently working as a Medical Director and Senior Consultant Physician at Ujala Cygnus Kulwanti Hospital, Kanpur. He is also a lifetime member of the IMA (Indian Medical Association). Dr. Rajan Gandhi has 25 years of experience in this field.

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