Be careful, fake asafoetida can harm health, this is how to identify real and fake asafetida!


Whether it is to enhance the taste of food or to take care of health, the tempering of asafetida in the food works well for both. Not only this, but asafoetida is also used to make many medicines during Ayurveda medicine. But these days, fake asafetida is very popular in the market.

Follow these methods to identify real and fake asafoetida-

As soon as the real asafetida is dissolved in water, the color of the water becomes white like milk. If it is not so, then understand that asafoetida is fake.

On burning real asafetida, its flame will be bright and it will burn easily. But imitation asafetida does not burn easily.

If you are going to buy asafetida from the market, then remember that the color of real asafetida is light brown.